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      The Latin American Motorcycle Association was founded in 1977 in Chicago’s notorious Humboldt Park neighborhood.  Since its inception, L.A.M.A. was intended to be a Moto-Touring Club with truly democratic ideas.  In 1995, a Chapter was formed in Miami, Florida and in 1996 L.A.M.A. became a National Association when the first national president was elected.  In 1999, L.A.M.A. became an International Association when Chapters were formed in Puerto Rico, Mexico & Cuba.  Today, the number of chapters has grown to over 160 worldwide spanning the Americas, Asia, Europe and the “land down under” Australia.  L.A.M.A is a club without borders.  We have evolved into an “International Humanist Association”.  We accept working people from all walks of life, regardless of nationality, race, color, religion, social class, gender, age, brand of motorcycle, etc.  We believe that it is more important to recognize and identify ourselves as Human rather than Latin, Asian, Black or White!   L.A.M.A. is a club of the 21st Century and continues to be a work in progress.  Our forward progress evolves from the many contributions and the flow of rich ideas of our members, both current and new, from near and far-off lands.  It is because of our philosophy, L.A.M.A. has become one of the most respected clubs in the world.  

        As a L.A.M.A. member there are doors opened to you in every city where we have chapters.  You will have the opportunity to visit those chapters, including those in other nations on our Annual National and International Runs.  L.A.M.A. is also recognized as one of the most active long distance riding clubs in the world. (35 plus years and counting!)  Our women (DAMAS DE LAMA) “Ride Their Own” and accompany us on our travels, riding extreme distances over long hours on good and bad roads, on hot and cold days, rain or shine. This is truly a test of endurance that most bikers find way too far and/or too challenging.

        L.A.M.A. Chicago-West was Chartered in January, 2009.  We enjoy riding motorcycles in our leisure time.  Sometimes we ride on short runs that last a day, sometimes we ride on longer runs that may include overnight stays.  Throughout the year, we participate in many "for a cause" rides; these include food drives, school supplies drives, the annual Chicagoland Toys for Tots Parade as well as other community events that involve motorcycles.  The short story is that we are always riding.  Our association offers fellowship, fosters diversity and provides a common place where bikers of all walks can share their knowledge and experiences with others. Many of us also have families with children and we make every effort to involve them in our passion for motorcycles and Brotherhood.

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